The Annique Première 2016 – The Race Continues

Annique Go for Gold

The Annique Première 2016 reached new heights as it inspired Consultants to take their businesses to new levels. The race continues. The starting gun has gone off and the track to success lies before you. The distance you run and the energy and focus you use to move through your race, is up to you.


Every champion has to be disciplined and determined to reach the top of their game. Since you are the champion of your own business, determination and following daily disciplines will need to be applied by you with a great sense of purpose. Remember, your daily decisions determine your destiny.

There is only one discipline that releases your potential. This is action. Preparation, planning and action bring the rewards. As a champion, your daily confession and conviction should be, “100% responsibility of the success of my business is mine.”


Once you take full responsibility for your actions, this decision encourages you to define your goals. #GoForGold


Champions aim for more than just finishing the race; their aim is to stay on top of their game for as long as they can.


Diet: Mental, emotional, and physical attitude play key roles in your business fitness. What you are feeling, what you are mindful? Your emotions express themselves in your results. What you see is what you get. What you say will be your portion. Take good care of your diet!


Training: Use time wisely and learn everything you can as you develop people skills, learn about Annique as a company, the power of direct selling and expand your product knowledge each day.


Presentation: If people won’t buy from you, they won’t sell for you. Empower yourself to be presentable and professional in your life, your business and your future.


Coaching: Learn from your Sponsor. Learn from others. Work in teams. Value what others can teach you. Be aware. Be in the moment. Grow! #GoForGold


Taking disciplined action will ensure that you stand on the podium of success and proudly wear the deserved gold medal around your neck!


It’s your Annique business. You are blessed for success, and the wreath of wealth and accomplishment is waiting for you. #GoForGold


  • Annemarie Cronje

    Thank you Angelique – as always you inspired us with your presentation. You are our champion and wonderful example!

    • Angelique Du Toit

      Thank Annemarie. It is working with people like you that make the investment so worthwhile. Well done again on your fabulous award of the Hyundai car for being a sterling Business Builder.

  • Juliana Lance

    What an awesome, inspiring and positive day it was! Thanks so much for this unbelievable opportunity and the great Company that is Annique. So generous and oozing apreciation and positive recognition for us consultants! I am definitely so inspired. ❤️

    • Angelique Du Toit

      Thanks for your kind comments, Juliana. I am delighted that you are so inspired and raring to go. Your turn next on the stage! Go for it. Go for Gold! #Annique

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