You are Your Message

An excerpt from Standing Tall in a Falling World

Life is really a series of presentations.  These presentations are verbal, non-verbal and a combination of both.  The better your presentation is, the better your life could be.  Daily you make presentations to your husband, your children, your staff and your friends.  The more significant your presentation is, the better your chances of having fulfilling relationships and greater success in your daily life.  Just imagine the possibilities contained in doing a series of significant life presentations.  It could take your life from mediocre to magnificent!
It is a fact that the first impression you make on any person is created within a few short seconds. It is also true that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  In every presentation you make, people are buying you first!  When you greet a person or engage in conversation with them, make them feel as though they are the only person in your whole world!  Children especially crave that undivided attention from their parents. If we would just take the time to give them the amount of time they require, with no distractions, no diversions, we would find that they would skip away more content and less demanding the rest of the time.
Many of you reading this may be of the opinion that you don’t really have what it takes to make an impact or be powerful in who you are, but I want you to be encouraged with this:

You may not think that the world needs you, but it does…

For you are unique, like no one that has ever been before or will come after.

No one can speak with your voice, say your piece, smile your smile, or shine your light.  No one can take your place, for it is yours alone to fill.

If you are not there to shine your light, who knows how many travellers will lose their way as they try to pass by your empty place in the darkness?

Use your one life to make a difference in your world.  Become the change you want to see in the world.

~ Author Unknown ~

The world is not the way it is; it is the way you see it.  You have your own ready-made set of filters through which you receive, feel and approach the world.  These filters have become part of the reality of your life.  What you perceive to be truth for you, whether true or false will be your reality.  The way you see yourself, your ability to contribute, to make a difference, the way you conduct yourself; all of these and more determine the outcome of many of your life’s experiences.  Holding wrong perceptions means that you will most likely not be confident in projecting yourself well, but the new you is but one choice away.

Only you can give excellent expression to your life by being confident, content, and by making a contribution, sharing who you are with others as often as you can.  When confidence and peace are lacking, people tend to become insecure and introvert, and their expression to the outside world is one of being aloof, unapproachable or distant.
Only you can make the difference that needs to be made.  The magic is on the inside of you.  It is not something on the outside that can be poured onto you to make you any more attractive or confident.  Rather it is that something special that needs to be released from the inside of you to influence the environment around you.  Make a decision today to step out of your safety zone and dare to make a contribution to someone else’s life and see for yourself the reward that comes from that.
Find creative ways to become in demand and gain more “market share” in your environment.  Perhaps it is time to change that something that you have been saddled with for too many years to remember; that 70’s hairstyle, the clothing from yesteryear, a set, inflexible way of thinking?
Make who you are indispensable.  You are simply a must-have at a dinner party, at a social gathering and as a friend.  Make people want what you have to offer.  Who you are is your major asset and has invaluable worth.  Know your value and your worth, and recognise it in others.  See yourself the way you want to be.  Dig deep to discover all that trapped potential.  That potential that is hidden under the “I wish I could, I wish I was, I’ll never be able to do that, they must be much better than me…”  Try new ways of doing things even if it is scary at first.  Persist, persevere and don’t ever give up.  You are so worth it.

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