Hope will always light up your way

  • Use Your Words Wisely

    At the time of writing this blog, we are witnessing a superpower country and many other nations being torn apart by destructive words, actions and demonstrations. We all knew a shaking was coming. We just didn’t know how it would manifest or when; and words have a way of escalating and inflaming situations. 
    It appears that everything that can be shaken is being shaken all over the world. There is in my humble opinion, a powerful reason behind this. Could it be that everything is shaking, so that which is unshakable-God’s eternal Kingdom and those who are in… Continue reading

  • There is Power in Stillness

    There is an undeniable golden thread that brings together God’s desire for His people to rest. His desire for people to rest starts at the very beginning of the Bible and still remains true today. Rest ironically, is an act of faith; it is faith in action. God rested on the seventh day after He had finished His unparalleled work of creation. Let us follow the thread then, as to how frequently God gave His people instruction to rest on the seventh day.
    Going all the way back to the beginning which is what Genesis means, we… Continue reading

  • Hope will always light up your way

    For certain, the world’s inhabitants are being led on a path that we have never walked before. It is for such a time as this we that need to keep our hearts and eyes firmly fixed on God who truly knows the end from the beginning. When we are afraid and worried about what may happen tomorrow, amidst all the confusion and separation that is upon the world, let us be encouraged by God’s glorious hope that He gives on every page of the Bible.
    It does appear that we are in a wilderness at present, living in narrow times, and… Continue reading

  • You are Born for the Here and Now

    You have been magnificently created to be in a fulfilling relationship with God, despite some messy circumstances on earth. You are a three-in-one human being with a (spirit, a soul and a body), every part of you purposefully created by God. Your spirit is that part that God accesses to awaken you and bring you alive in the new birth, to live with radiance, expressing His nature and bursting with great hope for now and for the future. His relationship with you is designed to give you freedom, peace and joy!
    You have not chosen me, but… Continue reading

  • Peace in a World in Crisis

    The words in my book, Turn It Around, invite you to shift your perceptions in the rapidly changing world in which we live; a world that continually demands more from us in every area of our lives. At times it seems as though the treadmill of life is out of our control and we are the unwilling participants on a fitness device that is going faster than we can walk or run.
    We try to create a routine and gain some semblance of order in our lives. The people in our family and friendship circles are the ones we… Continue reading

  • Living Purposefully

    Recently I was pondering the content of my first book, Standing Tall in a Falling World, and I am taking the opportunity in this blog to focus on how we can live purposefully in the midst of a pandemic such as Covid-19 that has saturated the world with masks, sanitisers and fear! Who would have thought we would have seen this in our lifetime, right? Yet it is a reality we all need to live through together.
    Life experiences at times can leave you feeling confused, fragmented, depressed and directionless. Who would ever have guessed that in a matter of a… Continue reading

  • What Now? What Next?

    Bearing in mind that God created you for such a time as this; you have been equipped—and every experience from your birth to the present day—whether you know it or not,  has prepared you to walk through these chaotic and uncertain times in our world and to emerge in victory. You were born with purpose and to enter this new era with faith, focus and with a firm footing—your best days are still ahead of you.
    Passivity and having no sense of purpose will never provide the solution for a world in crisis. Reformers reform and recharge the atmosphere. Reformers take… Continue reading

  • A Future and a Hope

    Thank you for connecting on my blog page, For such a Time as This. You may be wondering why yet more blogs when so many channels, blogs, vlogs, social platforms and other shows abound.
    We all know the world is in chaos, crisis and turmoil; it’s needing answers and solutions to a better world, one with a future and hope.
    One thing is certain: it is not going to come from the genius of man, the acceleration of technological advancements even in medicine and new discoveries, nor does any government have the perfect strategy to reframe this world.
    We are going to have… Continue reading

  • The Chosen Vessel

    Read the story about “The Chosen Vessel” in my April mailer. There is also a wonderful chance for you to share your personal definition of Leadership with me. I’d love to use those definitions in my next book, and in return, I’d love to send you a free copy of my book, “What in the World are YOU Waiting for?”