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  • Resilience Reaps Rewards | Angelique’s Portal

    RESILIENCE is about having flexibility, elasticity, spring, pliability, suppleness, give, strength, toughness and adaptability.  I believe you will agree with me that all of these characteristics and more, is what will be required to live a life of courage, influence and continued growth.
    When I read the stories of the phenomenal women of courage who have graced the pages of my website blog, the one central theme; the undeniable thread, is that of resilience – the inner grit to push through and to never give up. Robert Frost describes it perfectly when he says, “The only way out is through.” Very often we… Continue reading

  • Women In Leadership | Angelique du Toit

    The empowerment of women is a focus that will forever be knit into my life’s purpose. Growing up in the environment that I did – mostly a life of lack, instability and no high school education, I recognised that if women did not stand tall and reinforce their equality in a world of discrimination at so many levels then the cycle of inferiority could seem endless.  South Africa has significantly improved from where it was a few years ago – but there is still much bias against women  who  start to make their way into positions of influence and leadership. Largely, the contribution that women make is often underestimated and underutilised. My focus is to get women to… Continue reading

  • Significantly You

    We have been miraculously created to reach our full potential in this one life we have been given.  Yet so few recognise or release their potential.  Potential is defined as power in reserve.  Many go to the grave with much of their power still in reserve.  There is no sadder word from tongue or pen, than the words, “It might have been.”  Life is too short to live and die with regret.  It has been said that the richest land is to be found where the graveyards are.  So many have died with all of their wealth on the inside… Continue reading