People Who Found Their Courage

  • I have a Dream | Courtney McKnight

    Courtney at 18

    Courtney McKnight is a remarkable young lady who was raised in a very privileged lifestyle. Then the unthinkable happened to her and her family.  Everything her parents had worked hard for and built for their future security and Courtney’s inheritance, was unjustly taken from them – in a moment in time.  This is Courtney’s letter of forgiveness – a decision which will no doubt change her life and the lives of multitudes as she implements these powerful life lessons.

    Reflecting back upon this letter that I wrote four years ago has re-ignited my belief in our shared responsibility to the… Continue reading

  • It’s Time to Dream Again| Petro Venter

    Born into a family who lived in a farming community, I was raised on a fruit farm in the Langkloof region of the Eastern Cape in South Africa.  Growing up in a small area, I was not exposed to the modern day life aspects of personal and career development.

    After I finished 12 years of school studies, it was my choice to enroll in law at the University of Stellenbosch, as  a degree in LA Law seemed  attractive and my grades were well ahead of the required standard. I obtained a BA LLB degree after 5 wonderful years in Stellenbosch.  Then… Continue reading

  • The Technology of a Smile | Viorela Veisi

    A smile.  It is simple yet significant.  A smile lightens up a face, a heart, a situation.  A smile is disarming, it dismantles a threat.  It is powerful.  When I met Viorela in a rather unexpected way, in a quaint ski village tucked away in the majestic Dolomites in Northern Italy, I was immediately impacted, persuaded and convinced by her genuine friendly, caring and invitational smile.  Her smile lit up the restaurant; it carried influence, assurance and intelligence.  We are fortunate enough to go back every year, to what I call the best kept secret in the world – the… Continue reading

  • The Entrepreneur expects Opportunity by first creating Value | Leslie Grobler

    I am someone who believes that everything in life happens with a purpose.  Of course, we don’t always understand the purpose of everything when it happens in our life.  But then we have the great gift of reflection, thanksgiving and sharing our experiences and findings with others.  This makes purpose all worthwhile.

    Clearly there was a purpose for me to be born – even though my life was challenged from a very young age  from the age of two, in fact. The disease -meningitis became the first giant I had to overcome. This acute inflammation in my brain took me close to… Continue reading

  • Crossroads & Transitions | Lynda Smith

    I met Lynda about a decade ago.  A striking woman with an unassuming confidence about her.  A skilled businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a sincere friend – a woman who has enormous capacity to build great relationships. Lynda’s commitment to educating the nation and her focus on giving every child a stable foundation for the years ahead is remarkable. I love her insights into the different phases of life and the transitions people go through as they move from one chapter of their life to the next. Lynda is a producer, a contributor, a nation builder. I value her work and I know… Continue reading

  • Touching the Other Side of the World | Bronwyn Smith (Prommathat)

    It almost seems odd that God chose for me to be born into a white family in Africa, but then led me to live my life in Asia. Born in Pretoria, South Africa in June of 1982 and raised for most of my childhood in Johannesburg, I never imagined that I would end up living on the other side of the world. There was always something in me that was challenging me to reach beyond the ordinary – as if it was a natural instinct that God had placed in me to get me to question life as it was.

    While… Continue reading

  • Even Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death | Dalene Richter

    I will fear no evil, for you are with me;
    Your rod and your staff they comfort me.
    – Psalm 23:4 

    Vivacious, attractive, vibrant and full of life.  Dalene is a rare breed.  Determined, committed and a lover of life.  She is a creative, smart leader and businesswoman, with a following that respects her and who are inspired by her enthusiasm and passion for both her Annique Health & Beauty business and for life.  Her laughter is contagious and her spontaneous humour will make you smile.  Dalene’s story of personal strength and triumph… Continue reading

  • The Voice of the Violin | Engela Scheepers Tomlinson

    The violin: an instrument of crafted beauty;  rich in timber hues, its musical strings give one wings to rise above the cacophony and distortion of an attention-grabbing world.  At an early age, Engela started to nag her Mom to play the violin and by the age of seven, the sounds of the violin filled the home as lessons were weaved into her daily life.  This is Engela’s remarkable story.  Listen for the different and unique notes of her life; at times there were complex tones that sounded gritty and hollow, but the midsection of the musical “life-piece” that Engela was… Continue reading

  • The Woman in the Red Dress | Nishani Ford

    Some years back I had the opportunity to be MC and Keynote Speaker for a women’s day function at a very large banking institution. That wasn’t the highlight of the event. It was a woman that I met that same day and then at subsequent training I facilitated at the bank, who caught my attention.  She sat quietly, but listened intently.  When she asked questions, they were intelligent, and well-thought through. She left me with the indelible impression that she was hungry for change and growth in her own life. Her story is one of triumph through many trials and years of… Continue reading

  • Always Choose Life | Meyera White

    Courage is what makes a person capable of facing extreme danger or difficulty without retreating. It implies bravery, a dauntless spirit and the ability to endure in times of adversity.– Keith Miller

    The process of ageing has always been of interest to me not only because I am involved in Annique Health & Beauty, but more importantly what is it that makes some people old before their time, and some who are really getting on in years, stay seemingly forever young?  It is a sincere privilege for me to have met Meyera White some years back.  There are poignant moments in one’s life when you meet… Continue reading