Standing Tall in a Falling World


Life experiences can at times leave you feeling confused, fragmented, depressed and directionless. But there is always an alternative; always another route, always the power and freedom to choose… It is an this juncture that you win or lose by the way that you choose.

Do you ever think about the ardent dreams you once had? Isn’t it time to haul them out, dust them off and fulfill your purpose in this world? Chock-full of wisdom and insight, Standing Tall in a Falling World will inspire transformation and encourage positive and lasting change in your life. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to step out of the ordinary and achieve their divine destiny.

By applying the power-packed principles in an easy-to-follow process, speaker, author and businesswoman Angelique will set you on the path of rediscovering your God-given passion, purpose and potential. Each chapter includes quotes from inspirational leaders and authors, questions for reflection and space to jot down your thoughts.

Standing Tall in a Falling World will help you to rekindle your dreams, stand tall in a fallen world and live the exciting, purpose-filled life for which you were born.

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