As I went through many different experiences in my life and in the business arena, I began to create a future I would be confident to live into. The Bible being the final authority in my life, empowered me to create life principles and values that empowered me to Stand Tall even when it seemed that everything else around me was falling. The book abounds with practical, instantly applicable tools to create the life you really want to live.

The concepts in this book relate to you and to every human being, regardless of what start you have had in life, where you might find yourself in your present, or where you are planning to go in your future. This is not a book based on theory or hearsay, it is not second-hand revelation, but rather it is full of life-changing principles that have the inherent ability to bring about substantial changes in your life if you choose to apply them and live by them.

Life experiences can at times leave you feeling confused, fragmented, depressed and directionless…

But there is always an alternative; always another route, always the power and freedom to choose… It is an this juncture that you win or lose by the way that you choose.

Do you ever think about the ardent dreams you once had? Isn’t it time to haul them out, dust them off and fulfill your purpose in this world? Chock-full of wisdom and insight, Standing Tall in a Falling World will inspire transformation and encourage positive and lasting change in your life. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to step out of the ordinary and achieve their divine destiny.

By applying the power-packed principles in an easy-to-follow process, speaker, author and businesswoman Angelique will set you on the path of rediscovering your God-given passion, purpose and potential. Each chapter includes quotes from inspirational leaders and authors, questions for reflection and space to jot down your thoughts.

Standing Tall in a Falling World will help you to rekindle your dreams, stand tall in a fallen world and live the exciting, purpose-filled life for which you were born.

Foreword by David Molapo

CEO, I Can Foundation

Here is a rare chance to find a book that offers sound, practical advice on how to achieve one’s divine destiny. My precious friend, Angelique Du Toit’s book blends smart practice with intelligent articulation of how to get the journey started. “Standing Tall in a Falling World” is an invaluable and extraordinary book. It lays out a simple step-by-step process by which anyone can discover, pursue and achieve his or her God-given dream for life.
If you are seeking a major transformation of your life, “Standing Tall In a Falling World” will clearly show you how to get direction in times of challenge. This book is filled with encouragement and wisdom. If you are questioning your future, or you may be at a crossroad in your life or even facing a crisis… this book is for you. It will bring out the glow of hope in times of loneliness and rejection.

In this hectic day and age, the art of dreaming big and planning to reach that dream, is often overwhelmed by the mundane and routine pressures of life. Therefore it is refreshing to read this inspiring book that will lift your life’s passion, potential and purpose. I have no doubt that each one of us can embark on our personal dream journey and ultimately achieve it.

Angelique, you have truly given us a valuable and practical guide, a must read for anyone who cares to stand tall in times of trouble. I am inspired to keep dreaming. This book will definitely strike a chord in every heart. I know that this book will revive dreams of people to experience uncommon favour and blessings. Everyone has a dream just ready and waiting to be fulfilled.

I recommend this book as a life manuscript for those who want to live life well, dream big and boldly possess their future.

I CAN… YOU CAN… TOGETHER WE CAN stand tall even in a falling world.