• “PEAK SPEAK” – Reaching the Summit of every Presentation YOU make (copyright)

    One of the presentations that my husband Ernest and I facilitate over a two day workshop in the Annique business is Presentation Skills and Techniques. We have found this to be transforming in many people’s lives and it gives them a new found confidence boost to step out and communicate with conviction – and with powerful results.  After all the effectiveness of YOUR communication is evidenced in its results.

    Powerful presentations start not only with what you say, but how you feel within; your beliefs about yourself, your passion about your content, to find the courage and to really care enough… Continue reading

  • A Lily in the Valley | Ylva Reynolds

    –  Ylva Reynolds 

    Ylva and Ross Hunter, Senior Pastors of Grace Fellowship Church in Kyalami, South Africa:  Dedicated to their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, committed to their Church members, devoted parents and deeply in love with each other.  Their visions and dreams had been well planned and purposed.  Their commitments at all of those levels never wavered even under the most extreme of life’s circumstances.  You will be inspired.  You will have a faith-lift!

    This is Ylva’s story…

    “Be strong and courageous and to never be afraid or discouraged,
    because the Lord my God will… Continue reading

  • Significantly You

    We have been miraculously created to reach our full potential in this one life we have been given.  Yet so few recognise or release their potential.  Potential is defined as power in reserve.  Many go to the grave with much of their power still in reserve.  There is no sadder word from tongue or pen, than the words, “It might have been.”  Life is too short to live and die with regret.  It has been said that the richest land is to be found where the graveyards are.  So many have died with all of their wealth on the inside… Continue reading