• Hope will always light up your way

    For certain, the world’s inhabitants are being led on a path that we have never walked before. It is for such a time as this we that need to keep our hearts and eyes firmly fixed on God who truly knows the end from the beginning. When we are afraid and worried about what may happen tomorrow, amidst all the confusion and separation that is upon the world, let us be encouraged by God’s glorious hope that He gives on every page of the Bible.
    It does appear that we are in a wilderness at present, living in narrow times, and… Continue reading

  • “PEAK SPEAK” – Reaching the Summit of every Presentation YOU make (copyright)

    One of the presentations that my husband Ernest and I facilitate over a two day workshop in the Annique business is Presentation Skills and Techniques. We have found this to be transforming in many people’s lives and it gives them a new found confidence boost to step out and communicate with conviction – and with powerful results.  After all the effectiveness of YOUR communication is evidenced in its results.

    Powerful presentations start not only with what you say, but how you feel within; your beliefs about yourself, your passion about your content, to find the courage and to really care enough… Continue reading