Significantly You

We have been miraculously created to reach our full potential in this one life we have been given.  Yet so few recognise or release their potential.  Potential is defined as power in reserve.  Many go to the grave with much of their power still in reserve.  There is no sadder word from tongue or pen, than the words, “It might have been.”  Life is too short to live and die with regret.  It has been said that the richest land is to be found where the graveyards are.  So many have died with all of their wealth on the inside of them, never did they release their gifts and talents to the world.  So what needs to change?  What do you need to let go of to move to significance, and what do you need to embrace?  What is embedded on the inside of you that needs to surface and come to the fore to make a difference to this world?

It is a well-documented fact that you cannot effectively live in the present or progress into the future until you have let go of the past.  You will make the same mistakes, continue in the same habits and repeat the same patterns until you recognise the need to change.  You are the sum total today of your thoughts and actions of yesterday.  Your sense of self-worth has been positively created or fragmented by your past experiences.  You therefore can only move on to restoration once you have begun the process of personal transformation, i.e. letting go of those circumstances and people that have caused you hurt, humiliation and harm.  The way to let go is to firstly recognise it, confront it, and then discard it. Unexpressed feelings never die; they merely express themselves in more harmful ways.  This is one of the reasons people are driven to over-achievement, to burn out, and why they are in desperate need of the approval of others. Projections become misplaced and unresolved matters get entrenched in hard work, long hours, and unrealistic expectations.  With the result, relationships suffer, stress levels soar and fatigue and burnout becomes your portion.

 To truly grow and develop, you need to release yourself and everyone from your past experiences.  You can do nothing about yesterday, it is gone forever.  Tomorrow is not yet your reality, so don’t mess up your today and tomorrow with yesterday.  Unforgiveness is trying to make someone else pay for your pain.  Sadly, most people don’t even recognise that you are in pain.  They only experience your bitterness.  Unforgiveness causes more damage to the vessel in which it is stored than the person onto which it is poured.  It is like you drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.  Forgiveness is about your freedom.  It never justifies the other person’s behaviour neither does it mean that you should necessarily reconcile with your offender.  It really is about you making the choice to release those who have caused you hurt, humiliation and harm, so that you can be free from their “presence” in your life.  Forgiving another means you can be free whether they change or not.  Justice has its place, but true healing can only take place when you forgive.  Nelson Mandela’s choice to forgive saved a nation from a potential civil war and became an example for the rest of the world.

 Perhaps you need to forgive yourself? Guilt is turned-in unforgiveness.  Guilt arises when you compromise your own standards.  When you do something that you know should not form part of your value systems and your life.  It is not allowing yourself the freedom to be forgiven.  Guilt is often the cause of anger which can lead to depression.  Depression is anger without expression.  You cannot arise and be the person you were created to be with all this toxic waste in your system!  You win or lose by the way you choose!  Doing it right today means no regrets tomorrow.

 Today is life!  The only one moment you are sure of.  Make the most of your one life.

How often do you step off the treadmill of life, take your focus off all your roles and just for a moment, take the time to stop?  Stop to consider how magnificently and uniquely you have been created.  To embrace the truth that of the seven billion people on the earth today, there is only one you?  That never before in the history of mankind has there ever been another you, and long after your footprints leave this earth, there will never be another you!  You have ability, purpose and destiny designed in your very DNA.  You are indeed a never-to-be-repeated again masterpiece.  It is time to celebrate you.  Celebrate your contribution to the world.  For it is only in making a contribution to the lives of others that you truly begin to sense fulfillment.

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