“PEAK SPEAK” – Reaching the Summit of every Presentation YOU make (copyright)

key take away One of the presentations that my husband Ernest and I facilitate over a two day workshop in the Annique business is Presentation Skills and Techniques. We have found this to be transforming in many people’s lives and it gives them a new found confidence boost to step out and communicate with conviction – and with powerful results.  After all the effectiveness of YOUR communication is evidenced in its results.

Powerful presentations start not only with what you say, but how you feel within; your beliefs about yourself, your passion about your content, to find the courage and to really care enough to sincerely connect with your audience.

Here are a few techniques taken from my Peak Speak Workshop to help YOU tailor your year end-and-beyond presentations.

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Everyday you and I are making significant presentations from the time we wake up until the time we put our head back on the pillow.  The truth is, your brand evokes an emotion in people.

make a difference

To “own” a brand reveals your uniqueness.  A brand is a particular make of something, its an identifying trade mark or label.  It is to impress unforgettably. TO RELEASE YOUR BRAND IS TO MAKE YOUR MARK!

One of the best opportunities you have to share your brand, is through the vehicle of effective communication THAT EVOKES AN EMOTION IN PEOPLE.  The four pillars that need to be erected in the building of your brand are:

SELF-WORTH:  How much you value yourself  (you cannot give what you do not have)
SELF-IMAGE:    The way you see yourself  (this is how others will “receive” you)
SELF-CONFIDENCE:   The way you position yourself  (no-one else can do this for you!)
SELF-ASSESSMENT: Your belief in your talents & abilities  (YOUR belief in YOU is the KEY!)

Make a choice to become a more attractive Brand to attract more opportunities.
So what is the ultimate goal with your personal branding?  To MOVE PEOPLE to ACTION.
Your Eyes are the windows to the soul. Your Words are the windows to another’s mind.  Our words need to create aspirational, powerful and invitational pictures.  Your words will either sell or repel.

tell a story

How do we move people to action?
First Look the part without saying a word. Take the time to groom and to “put your best foot forward.”  Give yourself the best possibility of succeeding.  People will have an expectation of you by what they experience from you.

Way before you take the platform take an accurate Brief:
Why are YOU speaking about the subject?
What is the PURPOSE for your presentation?
WHO will be your audience?
HOW are you going to market your content?
HOW are you going to move them to action?
WHAT is going to be the KEY TAKE AWAY value?
What is the audience’s EXPECTATION?
WHY are they there?
HOW will you ensure that your look matches your message?
What is your CORE TOPIC?
What PRESENTATION TOOLS will you be using?
 Powerpoint / flip chart / visual aids?

F E A R = what you focus on you become.
BE CONFIDENT, whether you feel confident or not.
Confidence is a CHOICE!
Be conscious of yourself but not so self-conscious that all you are aware of is what people “may” be thinking…

Go prepared to market YOURSELF before you market your product or service.
Get to the venue early to connect with the organisers or those you will be speaking to.
Be prepared beforehand to raise your – and their confidence levels.
The more your audience expects of you, the more they will draw out of you.

What do I want to say?
What are the most important points I must make?
How do I put this in order?  Use logic.  Use everyday concepts.  Keep it simple.
Don’t try to memorise.  Know your subject.  Know your product.  Feel it.  Share it.
Don’t write down every word.  Simply use prompt words that will propel you to your next concept.

On the day of your Presentation:
Get there early.
Ensure the podium / stage set up suits you.
Do a proper sound check. Which microphone / countryman / headset to use?
Brief the technical crew on what you want them to do and when.
Walk onto and around the stage before the audience arrives.
Make yourself at home.  This is going to be “your space” for the next 30-60 minutes.

Prepare from the inside out:
Breathe!  In through the nose and out through your mouth.  Long-even-deep-calm breaths.

Keep your shoulders relaxed and at ease.  Resist the tension.

Your jaw should be at ease.  No clenching or grinding of teeth.

Your hands should be relaxed.  No clutching of papers or objects.  Hold the microphone confidently but not too tightly.  Avoid the “white knuckle grip.”

Find your grounding.  
Body weight must be balanced and in good contact with the floor the moment you step out. Avoid rocking, moving aimlessly or fidgeting.  Be grounded.  It builds confidence in you and in your audience.

When the time to present arrives…

Take confident strides – walk with a purpose.
Own the space you occupy – it’s your space.
It is your time – take your time.
Smile !
Open your presentation with an attention-grabbing sentence.

KNOW YOUR OPENING LINE POWERFULLY – don’t disconnect your audience by keeping your head down focusing on your notes.

Speak to 1 000 as you would to one – conversationally, just with a different volume.
Make eye contact with ONE, then another, then another. The wider audience will feel as if you are speaking just to them. (You will get that feedback at the end of your presentation!)
Never stare at one person because he/she is a good listener!
Remember your audience doesn’t know what you are going to say next, so if you forget to say something it is all good.  Try to weave it back in later.
Try not to hi-jack yourself by saying, “Ummm I forgot to say this”, or “I have never done this before…”

Expect to be nervous. Even the Top speakers in the world admit to being nervous every time. Make your “nerves” work for you.  They are a  GOD-GIVEN ADRENALIN which can really give you a boost.

Be enthusiastic.
Be passionate.
Be sincere.

Be sold yourself and you will meet your objective of selling what you want to sell!

Move people to action that meets your objectives for doing the presentation.

PRESENTING takes courage.  Make every word and action count.

Here’s to your purposeful success.

My best to you,










  • Charmaine van Schalkwyk

    Hi Angelique,,

    Many thanks for sharing your sound advice with me. What you say has always resonated deep within me and your confirmation just seals it for me. I’m passionate about people and making a difference in society.. During my
    pesentations countrywide or meetings with Margaret at companies I relish every moment to share our mission with Look Good Feel Better supporters.. As they say: What you believe is true…” I will be following your guidelines more closely as you “speak my language”. With much love and gratitude, Charmaine.

    • Angelique Du Toit

      Dear Charmaine

      It’s a wonderful association and I am blessed to be a supporter of Look Good Feel Better. Thanks for your kind words and I sure am looking forward to our Durban event.

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