Your day-to-day Diary represents Your Life

Another year draws to a close and a year of opportunity lies ahead.  It is startling to be reminded that your day-to-day diary represents Your life.

As I was transferring the standard meetings and updates into next year’s diary it dawned on me as I held the planner in my hands that these dates and meetings, events and gatherings actually represent my life. My mind  then meandered around the idea that many people spend more time planning for Christmas than they do planning their life.  Yet all too soon we are through another year of our life, we look back and merely have to look at the results or where we find ourselves in this current moment to discern whether all of the activities, actions and choices of the past year delivered the kind of return we were looking for.
We spend a great deal of effort and energy, research and reading on how to make our money give us a good return, but do we give the same focus to our time; our daily activities and our connecting with people that are important to us?  The return on our investment will reveal all!  What is the state of your health?  What is the temperature in your marriage?  How connected are you with your children and close members of your family?  How is your environment in the workplace?  Are you punctual, prepared and ready when the opportunity arises to present or pitch for a new deal or take that promotion?
While relaxing on the beach or taking a leisurely road trip to your holiday destination, be reminded that every appointment you write in your day-to-day diary is at the end of next year going to represent your life.  Perhaps the very best thing you can do this holiday is start with first things first.  Plan weekends of connection with your spouse and family.  Log in those all-important family holidays.  Work out your exercise itinerary.  Do morning sessions or evenings after work suit you better?  If you do have to work late during the week, how can you best plan it so that you are not all work, work, work but also create space to value your personal time.  It is vital to remember that you cannot give what you do not have.
lifes a journeyYour daily decisions do determine your destiny.  When you have made peace with what your priorities are, and by that I mean that you are absolutely convinced that you will be happy with what returns your priorities give you, then go ahead and make your plans.  If your family is of prime importance to you, they should get prime priority listing in your planning.  If your career comes up above all else, know that you cannot expect priority return from your partner or family.  What you put in you will get out.  What you sow is what you will reap.  Where you plant your seed is where you will reap your harvest.

So when you next accept that meeting request, or pencil that date in your diary, make an appointment with yourself first. Simply ask the question, “If this diary is a representation of my life, is this how I want it to be?”


Happy planning!  Remember that plans follow priorities.  Actions produce results.  Results can last a life time.

From me to you, encouraging YOU to live with greater PURPOSE | PASSION | PRODUCTIVITY.

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